Design with Passion

The services we offer are extensive and based on 15 years of experience helping over 300 clients in their home and commercial projects.

Our commercial and residential design services are unparalleled.

At Riley on Main, we can tailor any plan to meet your specific aesthetic or budgetary needs. No two jobs are alike.


We offer the following guidelines to provide you with an overview of our many services:


We offer a home consultation which typically includes travel to and from your home and generally lasts about one hour on site.  During this visit we explore your current or desired furnishings and have an in-depth conversation about your lifestyle and preferred style. Our fee confirms your interest in the commitment to the project and to us. A file is initiated where we assemble digital photos of your space, room measurements and we write a narrative overview of your project, personal style, preferences and budget. We assemble recommended furnishings, accessories, proposed room arrangements and any detail related to your job. Once a direction is determined, our team member will present you with a conceptual plan and a proposed budget range. This meeting takes place in the store. If need toa follow up appointment is needed to place accessories or furniture we bill on an hourly basis with a different fee for one designer or for two. Delivery and hanging fees are provided by independent contractors and are either billed directly or we collect the fee and bill for them. Payment is required in full prior to any visit. Inquire about an in-home design visit below.


A paint consultation takes place at our store location or we can come to your home. Standard travel fees and consultative fees are charged for this service.


Our style is unique as we blend most room makeovers with product from the store, a touch of vintage; classic pieces mixed with a bit of whimsy are all part of our design service. We can help you transform your vision into reality when our inspired decorating team breathes new life into your room.  Each project starts with a focus on the aesthetics of your space and requirements for your lifestyle and budget. We then work closely with you to come up with a wish list to satisfy your design needs.  Our implementation is what sells our service. 


We offer full service consultation on all phases of a new build to home renovations,  research, project management and more.  Typically we bill on a retainer basis for project management work. All phases of the project from selections of plumbing hardware, all surfaces, cabinetry, lighting, tile are just a part of our offerings.


Who can't use a little nip and tuck every now and then.  Our room face lift differs from our typical design engagement because we come and transform your space in one afternoon using your things. We de-clutter, re-organize and presto chango...the results will amaze you.


While we know we can't be all things to all folks, we do offer a specialized closet editing service similar to our room re-do.  We believe the same philosophies we employ in a room apply to your clothing.  Less is more; pair low end with high quality basics; stick to colors that flatter and that you won't tire of in time are just a few of our hallmark phrases. 


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